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Our Story

SheCanEngineer is a charity working to close the gender gap in engineering industries by showcasing the accomplishments of female engineers, raising awareness around issues relating to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), and promoting engineering to children.

​​With the support of our sponsors, Professional Engineering Institutions, collaborators and volunteers, we have reached diverse audiences — connecting with professional engineers, students and their teachers, parents and guardians.

The SheCanEngineer ethos has inclusion at its core - with all activities open to all genders. 

Our Vision

Our vision is is gender parity in the engineering workforce, and we are determined for our outreach to be accessible to all.



Celebrating women in engineering

Our awareness campaigns for engineering professionals are celebratory in nature – designed to provide an environment where women in engineering feel valued, inspired and motivated; all the while supported by their male counterparts. 



A committment to DE&I

We give a platform to businesses with diversity, equity & inclusion at their core, and share ways in which organisations can implement initiatives, and retain diverse engineering talent.

SheCan Engineer IMechE Event-7213.jpg


The next generation of engineers

With inspirational speakers and interactive activities, we encourage young girls to pursue STEM; showing engineering as a viable and exciting career path.

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