Women's Engineering Society

The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) has supported diversity in engineering since its founding in 1919. WES set up International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) in 2014, and since 2016, members of the SheCanEngineer committee have organised events to celebrate.

Each year, WES develops a theme for activities, providing resources and publishing a full list of events held around the world. SheCanEngineer is proud to support WES and INWED in celebrating and inspiring the engineers of the future.


STEM Learning Ltd

STEM Learning has been collaborating with us since 2016, during our first event. STEM Ambassadors took part of each INWED STEM event, organizing interactives workshops and competitions covering various STEM disciplines. The participating Ambassadors are a mix of members of the Hub and volunteering Professionals, and their activities always raised high interest among the pupils. It is usually layered with few exercises with teams challenges that inspire creativity and curiosity from the attendees while providing more knowledge on a specific topic.


Generating Genius

In 2019, Generating Genius joined us for the INWED STEM event at the IMechE, delivering presentations on a range of engineering disciplines, and running interactive workshops. Their brilliant team members consisted of university students and recent graduates, and they brought undeniable enthusiasm to all their interactive activities. The school pupils competed in teams to build cost-effective, reliable load-bearing structures – with typical engineering set-backs thrown in throughout the challenge.



In 2020, Alexandra Knight, founder of STEMAZING Ltd, hosted our first virtual workshop. Students and their parents were inspired and encouraged, as Alex shared engineering principles in the most engaging and approachable of ways.