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Over the years, SheCanEngineer has partnered with other initiatives and charities in the STEM and Diversity & Inclusion sectors.


Hyett Education

In 2023, Hyett Education brought the exciting world of computing to the SheCanEngineer STEM Outreach INWED Event, running workshops on programming robots.


Women's Engineering Society

The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) has supported diversity in engineering since its founding in 1919. WES set up International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) in 2014.

SheCanEngineer is proud to support WES and INWED in celebrating and inspiring the engineers of the future.


STEM Learning Ltd

STEM Learning has been collaborating with SheCanEngineer since 2016, with most SheCanEngineer volunteers being registered STEM Ambassadors. 



In 2020, Alexandra Knight, founder of STEMAZING, hosted our first virtual workshop. Students and their parents were inspired and encouraged, as Alex shared engineering principles in the most engaging and approachable of ways.

STEMAZING has supported SheCanEngineer since.

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